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Camella Homes has always been known for setting the standard to how house and lot development should be in the Philippines. Aside from their Caribbean or Mediterranean inspired home designs, one more thing that they are known for is in terms of the world-class amenities and facilities that homeowners get to enjoy. You can also take advantage of these amenities to elevate your lifestyle to suit the Camella way of life.

The Clubhouse is the main amenity offered at Camella General Santos. This is a standard for all Camella Homes development, especially for residential developments. The Clubhouse is a multi-purpose amenity center, which can be used as venue for special occasions, celebrations, and social gatherings. It can also be used as a venue for events concerning the homeowners at Camella General Santos. It is open for use for all homeowners at this subdivision. It will surely be a favorite spot among homeowners during the hot summer days, especially if you need a place to relax in and unwind.

Speaking of relaxation, you can also head to the swimming pool located near the Clubhouse. At Camella General Santos, the swimming pool is going to be a favorite amenity for homeowners as it is the perfect spot to cool off and enjoy a few laps of swimming. You can even have a picnic pool-side during the weekends. It will eliminate the need to go to a nearby resort just to get the relaxation you deserve. You can achieve that right at the premises of this subdivision, which makes it even more convenient.

Relaxation and leisure amenities are not the only ones you can find in this house and lot development by Camella. There are also several facilities for active individuals to enjoy. If you are a sports fanatic, you can choose from the basketball court or tennis court to indulge in your favorite sport. This is a good way to enjoy some outdoor play time and also maintain your fitness level. If the basketball court and tennis court are not enough, there is also a mini soccer field that you can take advantage of. 

To make it more convenient for the homeowners to travel around the subdivision (it is a big one with 12 hectares of total land area), there are shuttle services provided for homeowners. Hence, it should make it easier for you to go to the Clubhouse or some other facilities within the subdivision even if your home is situated a bit far from the amenity center. 

Finally, the most important amenity available at Camella General Santos is the gate and fence. The entrance gate comes with a guard house monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles in the subdivision. There are also roving guards that patrol the entire subdivision. Thus, your family can feel at peace and secure living here due to the top-notch security system in place. There is no premium too high when it comes to your family’s safety and security. The developers of Camella General Santos therefore understand that.

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